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Pengertian Memory Card Handphone Murah

Pengertian Memory Card Handphone Murah
Understanding Memory Card, Not much I think people are curious about what the definition of a Memory Card or a memory card. However, to simply add insight helps me review a little of what it Memory Card or Memory Card.

CARAD memory or memory card is a device (card) that serves as a storage of digital data (such as images, audio and video) in a gadget such as digital cameras, PDAs and mobile phones. The size of this memory karu bermaca-wide ranging from 128MB, 512MB, 1GB and so even there the Memory Card with a capacity of 32GB or more.

 Here are the types of memory cards.
1. Memory Stick

    Memory Stick is a memory card to be introduced by SONY and patented for electronic equipment output. Virtually all artificial SONY cameras use a memory stick as storage media.

    Memory Stick Pro and Memory Stick Duo

    A second generation Memory Stick with the speed and storage capacity increases.

    Memory Stick Micro M2

    Memory Stick Micro (M2) offer greater data storage, has now reached the size of 8GB.

2. Multimedia Card (MMC)

    Multimedia Card (MMC) is a standard memory card, is bigger than the Memory Stick and can be used on a SD Card slot.

    RS-MMC (Reduced Size Multimedia Card) MMC is a next generation with a smaller size, can be used on MMC or SD Card slot using an adapter.

3. Secure Digital Card (SD Card)

    Shape-sized SD Card with MMC at speeds faster data transfer. Widely used ranging from mobile phones, cameras and computers. SD Card has a switch that serves to SD Card be write protected.

    Mini SD

    The size is approximately half the size of the SD card, can be inserted into the SD Card or MMC slots by using sebuh Adapter.

    Micro SD / TransFlash

    Size is smaller than the Mini SD, and is widely used in cell phones now. Data penyimpana capacity can reach up to 16 GB.

    XD Card

    Developed by Olympus and Fuji cameras for products output.

4. Compact Flash Card (CF Card)

    Compact Flash Card (CF Card) memory cards are the most widely used in digital cameras. Has a data transfer speed of the fastest because it has a memory controller chip. Besides being able to save the multimedia file can also store other data such as text files and so on.

    There are two sizes of these are CF Memory Compact Flash Compact Flash type I and type II. CF II thicker (about 5mm) from CF I (approx 3,3mm) and has a larger storage capacity as well.

5. Smart Media Card

    Bentunya size of a Flash Card and can store various forms of multimedia files.

Thus Understanding Memory Card or Memory Card based on functionality and usability Memory Card itself.

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